OrderLink Workorders

Workorder Reporting Screen

Workorders are optionally used to track completed material at the output of the cell. The workorder information flows through three steps:

  1. OrderLink sends the unfilled workorders from the ERP into FMS Insight.
  2. Using the FMS Insight Webpages, the operator can assign a workorder to each specific serial or piece of material.
  3. OrderLink uses the events from FMS Insight to report back to the ERP the filled workorders and workorder-serial assignment.

The details of steps 1 and 3 are implemented in the custom plugin, which allows customizable rules for how workorders are tracked and filled.

Step 1 (sending the unfilled workorders) is implemented by both the Create Jobs procedure and the Sync Workorders procedure. The Create Jobs procedure is designed to run once a day so the Sync Workorders procedure is only needed for Step 1 if workorders change throughout the day.

Step 3 (reporting filled workorders back to the ERP) is implemented by the Sync Workorder procedure in OrderLink.

Starting the Sync Workorders Procedure

screenshot of FMS Insight connection

The Sync Workorders procedure is initiated by clicking the "Sync Workorders" button. The workorder details are loaded and the workorder information for both Step 1 and 3 is computed but nothing is transferred yet. OrderLink will display this information in a table. Once reviewed, you can initiate the data transfer by clicking a button at the top of the screen.

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