FMS Insight Error Logging

When the FMS Insight server encounters an error, it reports the error back over the network to the software that requested the operation (such as the Insight client web page). The FMS Insight server also logs the error with more details into the Windows Event Log. Thus, when the Insight web page or any other software reports an error you can check the Windows Event Log on the cell controller for more information.

Windows Event Viewer

The location of the viewer is different in different versions of Windows; on Windows 10, open the start menu and search for "Event Viewer" and on Windows 7 open the "Control Panel", navigate to "Administrative Tools", and then open the "Event Viewer". To view the events in the event viewer, navigate to "Windows Logs" and then "Application" in the tree on the left (see the screenshot below).

Screenshot of Windows 10 Event Viewer

The windows event viewer shows events from all applications. FMS Insight generates events "FMS Insight" as the event source, which allows you to create a custom view to filter only the events from FMS Insight. To do so, go to the action menu, click "Create Custom View", and fill in "FMS Insight" as the event source (see the screenshot below).

Screenshot of creating a custom event view

Debug Log

To assist with debugging, FMS Insight has the ability to output a trace of activity with events for almost all actions that FMS Insight takes. The debug trace is disabled by default because it generates a lot of data. To enable it, edit the config file and change the setting "EnableDebugLog" to true. The FMS Insight server must be restarted before the config setting takes effect. The debug trace log will be generated into the global AppData folder, which defaults to c:\ProgramData\SeedTactics\FMSInsight. The debug trace files are named fmsinsight-debug.txt, there will be one file per day, and the file is JSON formatted. Remember to disable the trace log after a day or two because it generates a lot of data.

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