FMS Insight Client

FMS Insight provides touchscreen optimized webpages. Many people throughout the factory interact with the cell in different ways. Thus, FMS Insight provides specific pages targeted at specific users which display relevant information. We suggest that each user bookmarks the relevant page; for example, engineers in the quality department should just bookmark the quality page in FMS Insight, visiting it directly to monitor the cell. All FMS Insight pages support a connected barcode scanner to scan the serial number of a part.

Shop Floor

FMS Insight provides several station monitor pages. These pages are intended to be viewed at various operator stations throughout the factory and provide information to the operator on what actions to take. For example, at the load station it shows what to load and unload and at the inspection stand it shows what inspections were triggered.

FMS Insight also provides a page for operators in the tool room. This page shows current tool use in the machines, tool usage per program, and estimated tool usage for the remaining schedule in the cell controller.

Daily Monitoring

FMS Insight provides targeted pages to assist with the day-to-day operation of the cell. There is a targeted page for factory floor supervisors, engineering/programming, quality control, and sales.

Monthly Review

FMS Insight supports continuous improvement by assisting with a monthly review. We suggest that approximately once a month, all stakeholders review the operation of the cell and decide on potential improvements. FMS Insight provides a flexibility analysis page which displays a monthly summary of the cell, displays cost/piece, and helps identify areas for improvement.

Browser Page

Once installed, the FMS Insight client can be launched by connecting to the server using a browser. Any recent version of Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Android, or iOS browsers will work (Internet Explorer is too old to work). By default, FMS Insight listens on port 5000 and uses http so you can visit http://<ip address or name of insigt server>:5000 from your browser. From the computer on which you installed FMS Insight server, you can open the FMS Insight client by visiting http://localhost:5000. Make sure that firewall rules allow connections on port 5000 through to the FMS Insight server. (The port 5000 and using https/SSL instead of http can be changed in the server configuration.)

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