SeedTactic OrderLink Guide

SeedTactic: OrderLink connects to your ERP system to access orders, uses artificial intelligence to optimize the order production (targeting lean operation, due dates, and easy quality control), and automatically sends jobs into the cell controller. The motivation for OrderLink is to implement rate meters to prevent traffic jams, and the high-level overview of how OrderLink operates is described in the whitepaper on integrating ERP with automation. OrderLink is designed to run once a day to transform orders between the ERP and the cell controller with no human intervention. OrderLink does not store anything itself and does not track or influence the moment-to-moment operation of the cell.

FMS Insight Connections

When OrderLink starts, you are presented with a list of configured FMS Insight cell connections. You can add connections to new FMS Insight cells via the menu in the top-right corner (three vertical dots).

Screenshot of FMS Insight Cell Connection

The connection consists of the URL of the FMS Insight Server and allows you to edit the URL or delete the connection. Secondly, the connection consists of the filename of the flexibility plan and allows you to change the path to the flexibility plan. The allocation algorithm to use is loaded from the flexibility plan and displayed.


The possible operations are displayed as buttons on the bottom of the FMS Insight connection. The available operations may differ depending on what is supported by your plugin.

  • Create Jobs: Create Jobs is the main operation of OrderLink. When clicked, OrderLink will import the orders, run the allocation algorithm to calculate the jobs, and display the jobs. After viewing the jobs, you can click a button to send the jobs to FMS Insight.

  • Sync Workorders: Sends unfilled workorders from the ERP into FMS Insight to allow the operator to assign material to workorders, and report filled workorders back to the ERP using the FMS Insight events.

  • Back-out Jobs: Backing out of jobs will cause FMS Insight to remove all not-yet-started part production from the cell controller. The removed production quantities can then be added as replacement orders.

  • Automatic Transfer: When using a plugin, you can use Windows Scheduled Tasks to configure the above operations to run automatically on a timer.

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