Overview of SeedTactics

We provide tools, tactics, and training for successfully designing and implementing an automated flexible manufacturing system. Our software and consulting help you design a new FMS, improve OEE in an existing FMS, integrate ERP and automation, and iteratively improve manufacturing production.

Tactics for FMS Implementation

Through decades of experience on dozens of FMS projects, we have developed a series of 8 steps that take a FMS from initial concept to a low-cost, efficient, well-run factory cell. Motivated by these tactics, we have a series of software tools designed together with engineers and operators to assist with all phases of cell operation.

We have also developed several shop floor procedures for the operators to ensure a high-quality, efficient cell.

Software Products

To support the above tactics, we have several software products:

  • SeedTactic: Designer and SeedTactic: Planning. These products provides planning and simulation in the cloud, and is used both for designing a new system and exploring the flexibility of an existing system.

  • SeedTactic: OrderLink. This product connects to your ERP to the cell controller. It uses artificial intelligence to decide daily schedules to keep the machines busy and copies the schedule into the cell controller automatically. Also, completed parts are tracked into workorders and filled workorders with their cost information are reported back to the ERP software.

  • SeedTactic: FMS Insight. A data analysis server which runs on the cell controller. It has three main functions. First, it maintains a log of all events, including machine cycles, load/unload cycles, pallet movements, inspections, serial assignment, wash, and others. Second, it provides targeted webpages to operators, floor supervisors, engineering, quality, and management. Third, it provides a conduit for SeedTactic: OrderLink to send schedules automatically into the cell controller.

Customized Plugins

To customize to your specific scenarios, OrderLink and FMS Insight support plugins. We can work with you to develop custom plugins to ensure your cell runs at top efficiency. These plugins support everything from integrating with your specific ERP, marking barcodes in the machines, custom inspection techniques, tracking material through multiple cells, robotic loading/unloading, and much more. The custom plugins allows us to adapt to your specific situation.

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