FMS Insight Backup Viewer

FMS Insight stores data in a SQLite database local to the cell controller (path is set in the configuration). FMS Insight is resilient to the loss of the databases; if the databases are deleted or lost, FMS Insight will start logging cell controller events to a new blank database and new jobs can be downloaded to continue production. The Starting Serial Config Setting can be used to cause the new empty FMS Insight to start producing serials larger than previously used serials. In this way, the FMS Insight databases are not production critical; if they are lost the cell can continue production. Thus periodic backups of the FMS Insight databases are not required.

Despite this, the FMS Insight log database does contain a wealth of historical data that is helpful for analyzing the cell as well as the production history for each serial. Thus the SQLite databases can be periodically backed up to maintain an archive of historical log data. The FMS Insight Backup Viewer program is a desktop application which allows you to open the SQLite database file directly and view efficiency and serial data.

Therefore, we suggest that periodic backups of the SQLite databases occur. If the cell controller crashes or data is otherwise lost, FMS Insight itself can just be installed and restarted with blank empty databases. The FMS Insight Backup Viewer can then be used to view the historical data directly from the backed up files.

To create the backup, FMS Insight can be stopped, the database files copied, and FMS Insight started again. Alternatively, SQLite files can be backed-up online using the .backup command in the SQLite command line tool, for example:

sqlite3 c:\ProgramData\SeedTactics\FMSInsight\log.db .backup c:\log-backup.db

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